Father’s Day: Make it Memorable

As I read so many posts about what books to get dad, or what gadget, I’m struck by how superficial these gifts really are. Yes, he probably will appreciate a thoughtful object, whether a book he’d enjoy, or the latest electronic device. But how about giving him something that he can’t give himself?

Everyone craves recognition. This Father’s Day, along with whatever physical gift you give your father, or the father of your children, how about giving him the gift of specific words of appreciation. If you and your children take 10 minutes, or even 5, to write down a few of the specific things you value about the dads in your life, that will fill a deep need that they have to be recognized for what they do.

My husband and I are apart for the first time ever this Father’s Day. He’s down with our daughter at a swim meet and I’m hear with our son doing Rotary activities and so our son can do his activities. I am going to text him a list of 10 things that I appreciate that he does for me. I plan to find a few that he doesn’t expect, and that I haven’t complimented him on before, as well as the ones that I’ve said before. I know that he will be delighted to hear the same compliments over and over again, as well as the new ones.

What are 5 things that you appreciate about your dad? the father of your child? Even if you are separated, I encourage you to dig deep and find 5 things you appreciate about your child’s dad. The things we focus on expand, and so your gratitude for whatever the dads in your life are doing, is huge.

Even if you read this after Father’s Day, take a minute to:

  • comment below to share how you plan to implement this idea, including the specific comments if you want
  • post this on your Facebook, Twitter, or other social media to share this with your friends. They will benefit for doing this brief exercise, as will the dads in their life!

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