Summer Activities in Toronto

Whilst originally known as the ‘icebox’ of Canada, Toronto has become a shining city in the North American nation. Situated across Lake Ontario it is often referred to as Canada’s New York City and it is the perfect place to visit for tourists. With half of Torontonians born elsewhere this thriving metropolis has become an eclectic mix of cultures, with neighborhoods having their own American, European, Asian, Latin, and Caribbean vibe. And for tourists looking for the perfect summer holiday, Toronto can offer a surprising number of fantastic activities and attractions to enjoy.

Whilst Toronto freezes over in the winter with temperatures often not rising above zero Celsius, the summer months can see temperatures of above 26ºc. This can often surprise guests when visiting this city as Canada is notorious for being, on average, the coldest country in the world. Canada is also known for being the place for outdoor enthusiasts and even in this vibrant city tourists will find that many activities revolve around getting out, about and active.

For a city which is plundered by cold in the winter, locals certainly know how to enjoy the summer and as a result there are many activities to be found in the warmer months. Molson Amphitheatre is a popular venue for locals and visitors alike and gives a great range of outdoors concerts throughout the summer. Nestled on the shores of Lake Ontario it is the perfect spot to take in a concert on a balmy summers evening and whether visitors are in the stadium or simply watching the yachts float by on the lakeside it can make a perfect evening.

Centre Island is also a great place to visit for visitors in Toronto over the summer. A 20-minute ride from Toronto Harbor, Toronto Islands are the city’s luxurious retreat and play host to a number of pristine beaches, sprawling parkland and a quaint cottage atmosphere. Boats and canoes are available to explore the lagoons, whilst there is a small amusement park perfect for entertaining children. And with many paths and bicycle trails, a quiet day away from the bustle of city life can easily be enjoyed.

Within Toronto itself there are a great number of restaurants and due to the city’s mesh of cultures all have their own distinct flavors. Queen Street West is a great place to stop by if visitors want to indulge in food and shopping and there are many big-name brand retailers and small local traders in the area. There are a vast number of great restaurants in this area to indulge in as well, and therefore making a day trip down Queen Street and the surrounding area is the perfect place to start any vacation.

Travelling to this gleaming city is relatively easy and there are a great range of flights to Toronto available from cities around the world. Whilst Canada may be freezing in the winter months, during its summer thaw it is a fantastic city to visit with an array of entertainment and activities to enjoy, and visitors will find a very different place than perhaps what was expected.

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