What Makes a Relationship Tick?

In our lives, there are not a whole lot of things that hold importance. We run after money which is, after all, a means to an end. Try and think of things you really want to do. Happiness is something that everyone wants to achieve. Money just provides you a means to be happy, if you use it judiciously and in the right places.

Money is one thing. There are other things that can be equally important as well. Relationships are another important source of happiness and they are an important part of everyone’s lives. Being healthy is another important thing and that’s the reason why you see me talk about exercise benefits a lot. These are also things that don’t require money.

In this article, we’ll focus on one aspect, or means, of happiness: love. There are a number of things that go into establishing a relationship and making it a long-lasting tie. As they, love is respect. It is extremely important to respect each other in the first place. It is paramount.

Respect isn’t it though, there are other things required too. Trust is one of them. Honesty another. You can’t expect your partner to be happy if you’re lying. That, ultimately, leads to long term grievance. You’d do much better if you just keep clear of any such distraction. Make sure you are honest and truthful with your partner.

I’d recommend taking a look at some of the best romance books. There are classics that, if nothing, tell you the stories of love, relationships that continued despite the odds being stacked against them. That can tell you things that are important for a relationship to survive and flourish.

You can’t be clingy either, of course. Loving someone doesn’t mean owning someone and hence, there should always be a bit of space between you two. That shouldn’t be a distraction; in fact, if anything, it’ll only strengthen your bond.

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