What to Talk to Girls About: Topics to Get the Ball Rolling

Picking the best topics on what to talk to girls about can be a big challenge especially if you are still trying to build a connection with the girl. In this stage, both of you are still working on getting the feel and vibe of each other. Know that when you pick out conversation starters to supposedly get the ball rolling for a good talk, you have to make sure that you are in tune with two things: knowing her a little more by talking about topics to talk with a girl and to allow her to come up with a good first impression of you.

A talk that starts with the topic of weathers might seem ridiculous. But this topic can very well in included in the best topics on what to talk to girls about because it can be the key to open both of you to a myriad of topics to easily transition to. As you are talking about the weather, you can move on to talk about the clothes that she wore to work today, how her ride to work was, and even the things that she enjoys doing on a particular weather. You can have endless possibilities of topics that can emerge by merely talking about the weather.

A talk that concerns work is also a good subject to tackle because your work will say so much about the person that you are. By doing so, you will be able to point out or figure out where her passions are. At the same time, talking about your own work will also showcase just how much of a talented person you are. Know that this talk should not be related to how much you are earning; it should be centered on you showing confidence and passion in your field of expertise. This will allow her to think highly of you and create very a favorable impression.

Anything that is popular in the media is a great starting point when you initiate the best topics on what to talk about with a girl. This topic has a wide range as it can go from pop culture on television, music, movies, and even websites. Ask her the current movies that she has in her iPod; the current songs that she has been playing; or those websites or blogs that she is following. The best thing about this is that both of you can easily relate to it because it is what almost everyone will be raving about.

Food will also be another topic to talk about. A talk that involves food allows you to be very flexible since you can approach it any way that you desire. One way to pick out the best line of attack is to get a good feel of her personality. Talking about food will also be a good topic to transition from if you have any intentions of asking her out for a bite to eat. Another advantage with this topic is that she will be able to respond well to it since food will always be something that we like.

Keep in mind that in a conversation with a girl, you will have to run it so that it goes in the direction that you desire. However, ensure that you are having a two-way communication and make it a point that you are also able to talk about yourself as well. She should also be able to know you just as much as you get to know her. The topics on what to talk to girls about might seem like a bit of a challenge, but a little thinking over will take you there.

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