Who Is the Parent Anyway?

A friend of mine sometimes amuses me with stories about “a certain someone” and her constant influence on her children. This certain someone tends to spoil the heck out of the children: buying them crap at the convenience store, giving in to what they want, and other such issues. This certain someone also has the tendency to undermine my friends parenting authority.

The latest issue is a cell phone. My friend doesn’t want her child to have a cell phone. This certain someone knows that, and is going to buy the child one anyway. I told my friend to let her waste her money- let her get the cell phone, then put it away.

I know it’s easy for me to say “Don’t let her do that! Stick up for yourself!” because I’m not there. I’m not around, and as much as I want to help, I don’t know how it really is.

I just know that my friend makes a lot of good points and is constantly being stepped on by this certain someone, and I am often aggravated for her.

Do you have a similar situation? Perhaps a step-mom, mother in law, ex-husband or etc. who is attempting to spoil your kids, undermine your authority or get in between them and you? Do you have any advice for my friend?

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