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Welcome to our website and thank you for your interest in writing for us. We’re here to provide our readers proven strategies to overcome the problems and issues they may encounter in the topics mentioned below. These strategies must be backed by scientific researches or studies. We encourage you to link to reputable websites that could support the content of your post. You may want to include relevant and original images in your article.

We expect your post to be original and not found anywhere else – not even in your blog. But we do encourage you to post a blurb (a short intro) in your blog and social media accounts linking to your guest post in our website. We value our readers, so do write informative posts about the following topics. Of course, if you have something in mind that was not included in the list, feel free to contact us about its details.

How to submit a guest post?

Once you have ensured that your article meet all our writing and style guidelines below, send your drafts to editor@dominolife.com

What kind of content are we looking for?

1. Romance, Dating and Relationships

These are popular topics that our readers would surely love to read. You can spin a new approach into this worn-out topic to allow our readers to learn from your expertise, while having fun. These are suggested topics that you can write about:


  • Romantic ideas – you can use these ideas to woo your beloved
  • Romance on a budget – nurturing your love while skimping is possible
  • Romantic venues – what places are romantic for lovers?
  • Expressing love through romance – love becomes exciting with romance
  • Courtship tips – yes, courtship still works for women
  • How to woo a woman – ways that you can get her attention
  • Marriage proposals – you ought to propose properly
  • Seduction – some seduction is part of the game
  • Flirting – flirting can be harmless and fun
  • Romantic movies – movies could spark romance
  • Romantic eCards – nowadays, sending fascinating eCards is innovative
  • Romantic eBooks – share a romantic eBook with your partner
  • Romantic breakup distress – not everyone is lucky
  • Romantic dinner ideas – you would need this to impress your partner
  • Romantic dialogues – get into the romantic mood with these dialogues


  • Senior dating – because everyone needs to be loved
  • Russian dating – dating a foreigner would be interesting
  • Internet dating – advance with the times, this is the ‘in’ thing
  • Biker dating – this can be exhilarating, with the wind on your face
  • Disabled dating – they have the right too to love and date
  • Geek dating – yes, Virginia, if you’re a geek, this is for you
  • Dating Asian Women – discover the incredible mystery of the East
  • Best dating sites – where to find your ideal partner online
  • Dating etiquette – learn how to behave properly during dates
  • Dating tips online – virtual dating has rules as well
  • Dating violence – oops, you wouldn’t want this to happen to you
  • Virtual dating – curious if this works out fine?
  • Dating older women – a new world to explore
  • Dating younger men – would it be more exciting?
  • Interracial dating – would it work successfully?


  • Pregnancy – this an exciting phase in a woman’s life
  • Relationship problems – there’s trouble in paradise and it needs solutions
  • Older men for younger women – does the Oedipus complex apply in this one?
  • Law of attraction – what’s the ‘magnet’ that attracts you to another person?
  • Islamic marriage advice – Islamic marriages are unique, know why
  • Mending relationships – should you give a second chance?
  • Relationship goals – it’s smart to set goals for your relationships
  • Compatibility – you do love your partner, but are you compatible?
  • Letting go – when you can’t save a relationship it’s best to let go of it
  • Relationship development strategies – approach relationships with a plan
  • Generation gaps – what you say, does your partner understand it?

2. Travel

We want our readers to learn all about traveling, what to expect, where to travel and how to solve problems they may encounter while exploring other places. Here are suggested topics:

  • Historic travel – go back in time and visit historic places
  • Medical tourism – get treatment while you tour another country
  • Safaris – you may want to include this in your bucket list
  • Survival kits – don’t go without these vital items
  • Travel the world – do this while your knees can still support you
  • Travel tips – know vital tips when you travel
  • Trekking – appreciate nature by trekking
  • Travel luggage – what paraphernalia to take with you?
  • Wildlife tourism – watch wildlife in their natural habitat
  • Luxurious ways to travel – because you can, if you plan correctly
  • Travel for free – incredible but true, you can travel for free
  • Best hotels – knowing what hotel provides the best services is a must
  • Best countries to travel – Information on these countries are crucial
  • Working while traveling – a wonderful life, work and leisure
  • Travel agency – choose the best to enjoy your travel
  • Travel a la carte – use this application to book your entire trip
  • Travel deals – when you’re on a budget, find these deals
  • Travel the world – yes, and relish what the world has to offer
  • Hotel accommodations – you deserve the most luxurious

3. Health, Wellness and Fitness

Health, wellness and fitness are one of our primary concerns. We believe in the old adage that “health is wealth”, so we’re providing a niche for these topics in this website. Here’s a list of possible topics that you can discuss:

Fitness diet and weight loss

  • 500 calorie diet – count the calories that’s good for your health
  • 2-day diet – try various diets and see what works for you
  • 1000-calorie diet – for active people, who may require more calories
  • 7-keto diet – try a low carb diet for a change
  • Colon-cleanse diet – your body needs some colon cleansing too
  • Cardiac diet – heart ailments require a special diet
  • Diabetic recipes – because sugar comes from food, you need a unique diet
  • Vegan diet plan – veggies are the best health foods
  • Weight loss – the major problem of 60% of people around the world
  • Balanced diet – eat the proper foods
  • Sugar alternatives – sugar is a “sweet poison”, use safe alternatives
  • Weight loss supplements – know what’s FDA approved
  • Ways to lose weight – discover new methods to lose weight


  • Best ab workout – keeping fit and trim is your responsibility
  • Body building – a strong body is healthy
  • Best muscle workout – know what’s best for you
  • Crossfit exercises – what are they good for?
  • Best leg workouts – your legs have to exercise too
  • Cardio workouts – there are specific workouts for cardiac patients
  • Best workouts – workouts that can be used by anyone
  • Workouts for women – women have exercises meant for them
  • Workouts at home – this is convenient for health enthusiasts
  • Workouts for men – men have specified exercises too
  • Shoulder workouts – move those shoulders and stay fit
  • Workout routines – what are the most effective routines?
  • Sumo wrestling – learn about this martial art

Health and Wellness

  • Activities for seniors – the deserve a leisurely break
  • Allergies – watch out, they can be fatal
  • Anger management – it’s wise to rule your emotions
  • Back pain – what can be the cause of your back pain?
  • Adult acne – and you thought teenagers only experience it
  • Alcohol addiction – a prevailing problem in many families
  • Eye diseases – your eyes are the windows of your soul, take care of them
  • Eye exercises – move those eyes to strengthen them
  • Cellulite removal – look good, do something
  • Arthritis pain – don’t allow this pain to restrict your movements
  • DNA testing – paternity testing facilitates identification of offspring
  • Glycemic index – what level is an indication of diabetes?

4. Personal finance

Nowadays, when we talk about personal finance, we’re usually referring to online personal finance. Doing business is now facilitated through incredible online applications; hence, we’re glad to accept guest posts on the following topics:

  • Online entrepreneurship – do business online and save on cost but earn more
  • Online marketing – market your products and services the easy way
  • SEO writing – a trade secret not many know about
  • Home business – Nothing is more rewarding than doing business at home
  • Affiliate marketing – learn which affiliate products sell
  • Internet advertising – a broader way to reach all areas in the world
  • Internet job skills – must know skills for better jobs
  • Niche marketing – not many realize it, but money is here
  • Online jobs – work online and stay home
  • Pay per click advertising – advertise or display ads and earn more
  • Publish your own eBook – a gold mine, if you know the mechanics
  • Bitcoin tutorials – online money is becoming popular, know about it
  • Block chain tutorials – how to benefit from block chain and earn

5. Parenting and Divorce

Parenting and divorce are sensitive topics that we should approach with concern. We encourage family togetherness, but sometimes unexpected circumstances occur, and divorce is inevitable. Nevertheless, we want to provide significant strategies for parents and children to cope with whatever difficulties they may encounter during parenting and divorce. These are the topics that you may want to write about:


  • Breast feeding help – what’s best for baby?
  • Baby development – find out if your baby’s development is normal
  • Baby food diet – what’s healthy for baby?
  • Baby care – taking care of the baby is a priority
  • Baby accessories – ensure safe accessories for baby


  • Child custody – when do you put children in custody
  • Child adoption – this can be the answer to childless couples
  • Fire safety for kids – teach your kids how to stay safe
  • Internet safety for kids – Supervise your kids, the Internet can be dangerous
  • Special needs children – they should be understood
  • Childhood obesity – nowadays, this is an increasing problem
  • Children’s rights – your children have rights too
  • Children’s safety – this should be one of the priorities of parents
  • Children’s clothing – appropriate clothing would decrease the risk of illnesses
  • Children’s safe toys – not all toys are safe; what to look for
  • Stop bed wetting – a problem that has solutions
  • Child education – know what’s best for your child
  • Child abuse – when is disciplining child abuse?
  • Child discipline – how to properly do it


  • Pregnancy – what to expect and how to survive
  • Post pregnancy care – recuperating well from birthing is crucial
  • Single parenting – you would need strategies to be a good parent
  • Family trips – these are educational and they strengthen bonds
  • Dealing with miscarriage – a sad situation but it can occur
  • Breastfeeding help – for first-timers this can be difficult
  • Parenting advice – you need all the help you can get
  • Relationship pitfalls – know what can make you relationship fail
  • Marriage help – save your marriage and avoid divorce


  • Cheating wife – what to do when your wife cheats
  • Children of divorce – they suffer the most
  • Christian marriage advice – a relationship centered in God is blessed
  • Dating after divorce – is there life after divorce?
  • Divorce lawyers – how to find divorce lawyers and what to look for
  • Divorce settlements – how much is the alimony?
  • Getting ex back – it won’t be a bad idea to get back together
  • Military divorce – this is a new ball game, know what you’re in for
  • Divorce pro bono lawyers – no money for divorce? Find these lawyers
  • Divorce problems – what to expect
  • Divorce online – the Internet has made it easier to divorce
  • Cheating husband – how to deal with him and what to expect

6. Wedding

A wedding ceremony is one of the most-awaited events in people’s lives. We can share the joy of the celebration by giving tips/ideas that could facilitate the preparation of the event. Here’s a list of topics you can write about:

  • Wedding speeches – know what to say in asked to speak
  • Wedding party dresses – what to wear in these parties?
  • Wedding advisors – do you want them?
  • Wedding planning – this is crucial to the success of the wedding
  • Wedding supplies – where and when to get the
  • Wedding sponsors – who should you consider?
  • Wedding venues – know pros and cons of each venue
  • Wedding themes – would it be floral or something else?
  • Wedding vows – what to say and what not to say
  • Bridal gowns – you’ll wear this only once, so choose wisely
  • Bridal entourage – who are included?
  • Bridal showers – when and where to do it.
  • Bridal cars – what’s the best car and how to decorate it
  • Wedding invitations – what’s the best design and message

Aside from these recommended lists, there are thousands of sub-topics that you can write about, which could help our readers cope with their problems. And, thus, we look forward to your submissions. Kindly double-check your entries to be in compliance with the guidelines below when you write for us.

Writing Guidelines you should keep in mind when you write for us

  1. The article must be original and have never been published in print or online. You may use quotations or factual data, but you should properly attribute the author/source. Your guest post must not violate any copyright rules. Also, please observe the following:

    • Do not use articles that are spun from other websites.

    • Please don’t send us press releases or sales pitches.

    • Inject a novel twist to worn-out topics.

    • Use an informal conversational tone while still keeping a professional touch to it. Address the reader directly with “You”.

    • There should be something significant that readers can glean from your post.

    • Kindly write your post in an active voice. Use first person or second POV.

    • Break down your post into a number of small paragraphs. Each paragraph must not be more than 5-8 lines. Combine short and long sentences and avoid using long sentences only.

    • Your post must have several subtitles, each with a catchy headline. Each subtitle can have 2-4 paragraphs at the most. You can use stats in the headlines to make it feel more authoritative.

    • Within each section describe a ‘pain point’ (problem) and provide practical pointers on how your readers can overcome it.

    • Set an expectation in the introduction. When people read the intro, they must know what to expect from the post and how they can benefit by reading the rest of the article. The information you provide must be actionable, so that readers can actually solve their problems.

    • Cite and link credible 3rd party as sources of information for your article. You can link to 2 credible websites that could support your topic. Avoid linking to advertising pages and promotional ads.

    • Do away with fluff and excess keyword stuffing. The substance of the content is more important than the length.

    • Make a clear, convincing argument in your piece that goes beyond just a list of tips and tricks.

    • Keep your content clear and concise. If your article is solving a problem, be sure to state the problem upfront and get to the solution quickly.

    • Avoid generalizations. Our readers a savvy and will see through boilerplate content.

    • We prefer US English, although, UK English is fine as well.
  2. Your post must be at least 1000 words or a maximum of 1,500 words. Although 1200 words is really the sweet spot you should be aiming for.

  3. You may include 1 or 2 original images with your post submission. If the image is not yours, ensure that they are not copyrighted and that you have attributed the source properly.

  4. When your post is accepted for publication, you must not publish it in your blog/website or anywhere else. Nevertheless, you can post a blurb in your site or in your social media accounts linking to your Guest Post in our site.

What happens after we receive your article?


One of our editors will review your submission to determine whether it’s a good fit for us. If so, your article will be reviewed by a larger team and we will get back to you with notes. Articles are rarely accepted as it in the first go, so don’t worry if we get back to you asking for edits.

If your article is accepted, one of our editors will work closely to make sure it meets our style guidelines.

Your article will be scheduled for publication as soon as revisions are complete to meet our guidelines.

If your post is accepted, we reserve the right to make minor revisions to conform to the structure and presentation of posts in our website. However, your post could get rejected because of major revisions; hence, before submission, check for any errors in grammar, punctuation and spelling.

We usually reply to Guest Post submissions within a week. We would notify you through email whether we will use your article or not.

Engagement with Readers

You are expected to interact with the readers of your guest post. Engaging your readers in a conversation can help you gain more popularity and can broaden your online network. It’s a free advertising strategy that you may want to take advantage of.

Lastly, if you have any questions, you can email us and we’ll be sure to answer them as soon as we can.